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Building the future

In Ladybird every student is entitled to a curriculum rich and inspiring, which enables every one of our children to fulfill his or her potential to the highest possible standard; so that all, for the benefit of all, are able to shape their destinies and create a better world.Our teachers are very experienced and dedicated. Together they provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities in a well resourced, caring environment. We at Ladybird will encourage your child to develop his/her highest potential and we will provide an excellent preparation for your child´s future. Learning is exciting, learning is fun, learning is interesting. We want your child/children -our students- to be happy because only a happy child has an open mind to learn all the exciting things and subjects taught in the school environment. This is why our school is bright, cheerful and happy with an atmosphere that makes everyone welcome.

To plan the future, you must know your past.

Behind the wheel

Mrs. (Chief) M. Amahaotu

Mrs. (Chief) M. Amahaotu


Mr. D. Amahaotu

Mr. D. Amahaotu

Executive Director

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